We play the Classic Rock you USED to hear!

           Welcome to Nobody's Fool
       Be everyone's friend, but nobody's fool!
We are:

Kris P.......Lead Vocals
Mike D.....Electric & Acoustic Guitars/Lead Vocals
Tony D....Bass Guitars
Glenn Z......Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Bob S......Drums & Percussion

Everyone in our band has a say as to what songs are played. As a result, there is a wide range of musical styles. From Classic Rock to Modern Rock. From Country to Reggae and everything else in between. 

All band members have one thing in common: we are all in it 
for the fun of playing music together and giving people a good time. 

Call Mike @ 973-617-7737  or Tony @ 201-916-7492

Or E-mail us at: nobodysfoolmusic@yahoo.com

New Show! Saturday, December 29th, 9:30pm
Core's Tavern
45 Franklin St. Bloomfield, NJ (973) 429-1708
Check out the rest of our demo at: www.bandmix.com/nobodysfool
One Way Or Another
Dead Flowers
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